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Search Oil And Gas Company latest and archived news and articles.Adopting a More Strategic Approach to Procurement in Oil and Gas.Oilfield Services - Oilfield service companies assist the drilling companies in setting up oil and gas wells.Challenges in the oil industry could reveal new opportunities for Latin America and Africa.Long-term improvements require more balanced strategic capabilities.

This statistic depicts the 2015 ranking of the global top 10 oil and gas companies based on net income.GE is positioning itself to make the Industrial Internet a strong component of a more efficient oil and gas industry.This main category is for vertically integrated companies that do substantial business in a number of major subcategories.Oil and gas companies must compete on talent, tap into a digital workforce, and drive customized and seamless work experiences.

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PGH operates within the energy industry and distributes a variety of petroleum products, and lubricants and currently serves.Most CEOs get the big picture about issues like global warming, sustainability and carbon emissions.Rising complexity, costs and risks combine to make efficiency more important than ever.The Company is involved in the oil and gas industry through its subsidiaries.

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Five action areas for oil and gas companies to productively implement capital projects.We provide a number of services for oil and gas that will allow you to achieve a license to operate, gain assurance and increase performance.With increasing demands on worldwide energy, companies are challenged to optimize processes and governance to achieve higher efficiencies, reduce costs and comply.

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Energy executives will consider macroeconomic issues, industry trends and tactical specifics as they plan their budgets for the coming year.

The regions activity will likely be focused in three large growth plays in British Columbia: shale gas in the Horn River.Ethan Phillips: Opportunity for oilfield services and equipment firms.Itera Oil and Gas Company, signed long-term contracts on natural gas supply with companies of Sverdlovsk Region: Nizhny Tagil Metallurgical Plant (EVRAZ.Big shifts in global gas markets, led by shale development, change the game for exploration and production.What the Recent Oil Price Shock Teaches about Managing Uncertainty.

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According to the US Energy Information Association, America alone consumed a total of 6.Scenario planning remains the most effective way to prepare for volatility in energy markets.Quest is counted as one of the most reliable project development companies offering complete oil and gas engineering services to clients around the globe.But drawing back on operational excellence activities is the wrong move, as it will raise costs over the long term.

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With oil prices down, natural gas will likely become a more important revenue source for many oil and gas companies.Joachim Breidenthal: Managing Service Suppliers in Oil and Gas.

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As oil prices have dropped, companies are looking for quick cost-reduction wins.Large, complex projects demand a coherent reference framework and top-notch project management skills.

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By developing a set of future scenarios, executives can identify the indicators that tell which direction markets are headed.

Short-term cuts can sometimes be penny wise and pound foolish.The best procurement teams maintain strategic perspective when looking at savings initiatives.Oil and gas industry executives cannot control prices, but they can take action to be in a better position when the upturn comes.

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