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Covered Calls: Learn How to Trade Stock and Options the Right Way.Because this is an option, it can get a little tricky because the delta (directional exposure) can change.The 3 Outcomes of Covered Calls The trade at expiration has two major possibilities, and three total potential outcomes.Covered Call Tables This Covered Calls selling table ranks over 30 covered call trades by their call option yields.

This is a little complex, because it depends on whether the option you are selling is In the Money or Out of The Money The main difference here is whether you are looking at the option strike or the cost of your stock trade as your transactional basis.Why You Trade Covered Calls Covered calls are a great way to use options to generate income while trading.On the other hand, if you choose near term options, you will have a lot of theta (time decay) benefiting your position, but it will be less premium on an absolute basis, which means you will end up with more directional risk compared to a longer term covered call.The option has an expiration month where it expires worthless if not been exercised by its holder.The 3 Best Bull Trades on Wall Street This Week. 7 Future Blue-Chip Stocks You Need to Buy.This way, you get to keep all the money received and are free to sell more options against your stocks and do it all over again.The first is if the stock closes above the call strike at expiration. if that happens, you will be assigned on that option and required to sell 100 shares of stock to the option buyer.ETF Covered Call Options Strategy. their arsenal of tactics to include common equity option strategies like covered calls.

Selling covered calls is an investing method used to generate monthly passive income from your investments.Contrary to what many people may think, investing in covered calls is one of the safest investments available in the.Larger cap stocks are desired as they tend to be far less volatile than smaller stocks.Here are the brokers that offer the best tools for investors and traders to write covered calls and covered puts.

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Since you already have the stock in your account, then you sell that stock.Option Spread Screener Report Date: SCREENER: Select Stock.

A good place to start with options is writing covered calls against dividend paying stocks.Writing covered calls on stocks that pay above-average dividends is a strategy that can be used to boost returns on a portfolio, but it carries some risk.The next part is the short call option that covers the stock.

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Even for the buy-and-hold advocates a better solution exists than simply relying on dividend paying stocks.

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At expiration, if the stock is under the strike price, the position will behave like stock.A covered call is when the option seller buys the shares as insurance in case the option he sells is exercised against him.

Keep this in mind-- if you are using an in-the-money option, the transactional value will be negative, but will be compensated for the total value amount.Covered Calls Made Easy: Generate Monthly Cash Flow by Selling Options.Make Sure to Get Your Complimentary Covered Call Spreadsheet.This will ensure they have sufficient liquidity and are traded by large institutions which give them stability.Since the Covered Call ETF is a relatively new invention, the selection of available ETFs to buy shares in is still pretty limited.Your objective is for the call options that you sold to expire worthless.You are able to keep options premium against a long stock position that can help to reduce your basis in long term holdings.

For some reason, self-directed investors seem to ignore what is, in my opinion, the best income strategy available today.The Covered Call Strategy is highly endorsed by brokers and traders everywhere.

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Remember, in the options market you can both get long options and short options-- each with its own unique risk characteristic.