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The Investment Trends 2014 Second Half Online Broking Report, based on a survey of 11,879 traders and investors, showed that the number of active online share traders increased from 585,000 in June to 595,000 in November.Shareholder register: A list of every current shareholder (the people who actively own shares in a company).In financial situations, this phrase means that a buyer should be careful to examine all terms and conditions before signing any contract to purchase the product.

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These online brokers offer impressive trading platforms alongside flat. but trading 5,000 shares per month — an easy bar for penny stock traders.You should seek independent, professional financial advice tailored to your personal financial situation before making any investment decisions.Your financial institution may use different terms, and you should read the terms and conditions of your shareholdings carefully to understand all features, dividends and brokerage fees and charges that may apply to your portfolio.

We all support the economy indirectly every day, by buying goods and services from businesses listed on the Australian share market.

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Staying ahead of the pack is an ongoing challenge for trading platforms in a nation that expects incredible online and mobile functionality.

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Research Tools: Availability of research tools to enhance technical analysis, availability of different alerts, availability of other technical trading information.Their platform received a 5-star rating for traders and they also rank highly for casual investors.

The value of the index is generated by averaging the prices of all stock in the index.Investors relied on daily newspapers to know the share prices, and a trade would take several hours to a whole day to complete.

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As a nation, Australia is buying and selling more shares online than ever before.Their platform received a 5-star rating for casual investors and active investors and they also rank highly for traders.Learn to reduce expensive dealing charges with Money Saving Expert.Merchant: Someone who sells goods or services to customers for payment.

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Standard Online Share Trading has a diverse array of popular transactional productsto enhance your trading and investment portfolio.

Securities include shares, bonds, options, notes, and warrants.Casual investors should look for user-friendly client services and support, and general education resources, since they are the most likely to use this.An mFund is an unlisted managed fund available to investors through the mFund Settlement Service under the ASX Operating Rules.

Active investors should look for detailed company and market information, and a dynamic trading platform.

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Always log off before you walk away from your computer or phone.The main features that CANSTAR assesses in determining value ratings include.Finding an online trading platform that works for you can make.QuantShare is an advanced trading software for stock, forex and futures traders.

Pick a long password that is a combination of letters and numbers.

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Volatility: A measurement of the amount of fluctuation in the prices of shares.Account Services: Account information, application process, contract administration.This advice is general and has not taken into account your objectives, financial situation or needs.Stock trading platforms allow day traders to get deeper insights into the stock market from their phones, tablets, and computers.Securities or a security: A financial product bought and sold in a stock market.

Bear market: A time period when share prices are generally falling.Online share trading is buying and selling shares in listed companies over the internet.GCI Financial offers 24 hour online forex trading with instant execution, low fixed spreads, trading from charts, and a range of CFD products.SRNs must be provided to your broker when buying or selling shares.Share trading was solely a game for wealthy folk who could afford to pay a broker to complete trades on their behalf, and it involved a long-term view of profit over months and years.TradeStation offers a powerful combination of sophisticated idea-generation and analysis tools, lightning-fast order execution and an.