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LoCorr Managed Futures Strategy Fund Seeking to build a Better Portfolio with Complementary Managers At LoCorr Funds, we are focused on collaborating with great managers.The arbitragers, spreaders and premium sellers aim to profit from sideways or non-directional trading.Managed Futures is suggested for investors seeking sophisticated methods of portfolio diversification.

In addition to styles and strategies, CTAs may trade diversified portfolios of as many as 100 world-wide.

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Only risk capital should be used for trading and only those with sufficient risk capital should consider trading.Although most investors tend to look at the returns a particular trading program has generated over time, a drawdown spectrum (a list of cumulative declines in equity) may provide an investor insight into the type of risk he may have to absorb in order to realize those returns.CTAs can be further categorized between trend-followers or market-neutral strategies.Obviously, the shorter the time required to recover from a drawdown the better the performance profile.Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results.With a Managed Account, the client authorizes a licensed commodity trading advisor.Managed futures is a catch-all term for strategies that trade futures contracts.

Managed futures are a flexible alternative investment vehicle that can benefit a customer by allowing the opportunity to broadly diversify.Because of the ever-growing demand for alternative investments, and with managed futures as one of the leading choices, we felt this was an opportunistic time to.

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Efficient specializes in liquid, alpha-generating, multi-trader portfolios.It is important to know the type of trading program operated by the CTA you are researching.The CTA Index is not necessarily representative of all CTAs in the industry.

Risk capital is money that can be lost without jeopardizing ones financial security or lifestyle.

The Benefits of Managed Futures One of the characteristics that separates managed futures from other asset classes is the ability to go long or short with equal ease.Straits Financial Fund Management is an alternative investment fund offering access to managed futures programs.Investment management professionals have been using managed futures for more than 30 years.At Heritage West, we strongly believe that one of the most effective ways to achieve investment goals is through using professionally managed futures.Whether you currently offer managed futures, or are a broker looking to add managed futures to your product offering, GAIN Futures works with you to.After determining the type of trading program you are interested in, which would include type of strategy.Fortress Capital is an Introducing Broker to several managed futures managers with established track records.

A managed futures fund is a pool of investment dollars that is managed by one or more professional money managers that.

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The fund seeks to provide investment results that match the performance of a blended managed futures index benchmark.

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A ratio used mainly in the context of hedge funds and managed accounts.

Risk capital is money that can be lost without jeopardizing ones financial security or life style.View 7598 Managed Futures posts, presentations, experts, and more.The most important measure you should use to compare different trading programs, is return on a risk-adjusted.

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They commonly defer their trading decisions to an experienced.Focused solely on Managed Futures, Efficient has developed tools to measure and project.Managed futures by there very nature provide a diversified investment opportunity.

The Rosenthal Collins Group offers futures trading, execution, clearing, brokerage, and access to managed futures programs.The Sharpe ratio tells us whether the returns of a portfolio are because of smart investment decisions or a.

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Managed Futures and CTA Program Performance: Find the right managed futures programs for you with our comprehensive free CTA database.Managed Futures Group, LLC is a full-service commodity brokerage company equipped to assist you in all your futures and futures.Many CTA tracking-data services provide these numbers for easy comparison.