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Sebi chief U. K. Sinha says markets regulator will amend existing norms to allow mutual funds to invest and trade in commodity derivatives on stock exchanges.

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The two best known funds include the Oppenheimer Real Asset Fund (QRACX), and the PIMCO Commodity Real Return Strategy (PCRAX) fund.DoubleLine Capital, the investment firm overseen by Jeffrey Gundlach, on Monday opened a new mutual fund to give investors exposure to commodities markets.This means that energy futures make up around 63.05% of the GSCI, and agricultural commodities make up around 15.76% of the index (as of July 2016).Structuring UCITS are structured as either stand-alone funds or multiple compartment funds.

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While this approach creates windfall profits for some, the added risk produces as many losers too.

This includes grains, minerals and metals, livestock, cotton, oils, sugar, coffee, and cocoa.Typically, commodities are defined as things that come from the earth or are grown.A common way to invest in commodities is through a mutual fund.Inflation is usually associated with higher interest rates, and this makes borrowing costlier for a company.Click to see more information on Commodity Producers Equity Mutual Funds including returns, expenses and holdings.Once the world economy starts growing commodity prices will likely rise again so investing in a commodity-based mutual fund may not be a bad time to invest some of.

Get information about some of the most popular and best-performing mutual funds that are focused on commodity-related investments.FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE USCF Announces Collaboration With SummerHaven Index Management On New Commodity Mutual Fund, The United States Commodity Fund (Tickers: USCFX...Over time, commodities and commodity stocks tend to provide returns that differ from other stocks and.

Commodity Strategy Fund. For each retail mutual fund with at.About the Author - Commodity Mutual Funds (Last Reviewed on August 2, 2016).Presently there is no commodity mutual fund in India, but now the commodity futures market has come under the new regulator SEBI, hence there is great.

Find latest pricing, performance, portfolio and fund documents for Franklin Pelagos Commodities Strategy Fund (FLSQX).In the same way that traditional mutual funds allow investors to create portfolios of common stocks or bonds, commodity mutual funds give investors the option of adding commodities to their portfolio, and limit their risk too.Investing in commodity mutual funds requires paying attention to the economy, timing out when commodities are low and considering valuable metals and oil.Income investing is always a popular strategy for portfolio allocation that t is perhaps most effective in sideways markets, when few asset classes are.

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The first is to buy into commodity mutual funds as a hedge against inflation.

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Investing in commodity mutual funds has become a popular way to access the commodity market without trading commodities directly.ETF, short for exchange-traded funds, and mutual funds are two more common investment options for individuals looking to diversify their.The Cantab UCITS fund is designed to track the performance of its main hedge fund, the CCP Quantitative fund, with less volatility.This movement also runs counter to stock prices, which is a feature that also makes them attractive to investors.Since the prices of commodities tend to rise in step with inflation, they can be used as a hedge against inflation.Click to see Returns, Expenses, Dividends, Holdings, Taxes, Technicals and more.